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Fostering Services Contents

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PLEASE NOTE: This is the contents list for the web-enabled Fostering Services NMS - if you need the PDF versions click below:

Fostering Services NMS
Volume 4 Children Act Guidance: Fostering Services

General Introduction

  Legal status of the standards
  Structure and approach to inspection
  The wider context
  Application to Short Breaks

Child Focused Standards

STANDARD 1 - The child’s wishes and feelings and the views of those significant to them
  STANDARD 2 - Promoting a positive identity, potential and valuing diversity through individualised care
  STANDARD 3 - Promoting positive behaviour and relationships 
  STANDARD 4 - Safeguarding Children
  STANDARD 5 - Children Missing from Care
  STANDARD 6 - Promoting good health and wellbeing
  STANDARD 7 - Leisure activities
  STANDARD 8 - Promoting educational attainment
  STANDARD 9 - Promoting and supporting contact
  STANDARD 10 - Providing a suitable physical environment for the foster child
  STANDARD 11 - Preparation for a placement
  STANDARD 12 - Promoting independence and moves to adulthood and leaving care

Standards of the Fostering Service

  STANDARD 13 - Recruiting and assessing foster carers who can meet the needs of looked after children
  STANDARD 14 - Fostering panels and the fostering service’s decision-maker
  STANDARD 15 - Matching the child with a placement that meets their assessed needs
  STANDARD 16 - Statement of purpose and children’s guide
  STANDARD 17 - Fitness to provide or manage the administration of a fostering service
  STANDARD 18 - Financial viability and changes affecting business continuity
  STANDARD 19 - Suitability to work with children
  STANDARD 20 - Learning and development of foster carers
  STANDARD 21 - Supervision and support of foster carers
  STANDARD 22 - Handling allegations and suspicions of harm
  STANDARD 23 - Learning, development and qualifications of staff
  STANDARD 24 - Staff support and supervision
  STANDARD 25 - Managing effectively and efficiently and monitoring the service
  STANDARD 26 - Records
  STANDARD 27 - Fitness of premises for use as fostering service
  STANDARD 28 - Payment to carers
  STANDARD 29 - Notification of Significant Events
  STANDARD 30 - Family and friends as foster carers
  STANDARD 31 - Placement Plan and Review