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STANDARD 29 - Notification of Significant Events

Underpinning Legislation



  • All significant events relating to the health and protection of children fostered by the service are notified by the registered person to the appropriate authorities.


The registered person has a system in place to notify, within 24 hours, persons and appropriate authorities of the occurrence of significant events in accordance with regulation 36. The system includes what to do where a notifiable event arises at the weekend.


A written record is kept which includes details of the action taken, and the outcome of any action or investigation, following a notifiable event.


The registered person has a system for notification to responsible authorities of any serious concerns about the emotional or mental health of a child, such that a mental health assessment would be requested under the Mental Health Act 1983.


Following an incident notifiable under regulation 36, the registered person contacts the responsible authority to discuss any further action that may need to be taken.