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STANDARD 31 - Placement Plan and Review

Underpinning Legislation


Care Planning, Placement and Case Review (England) Regulations (2010):


  • Children are cared for in line with their Placement Plan/Short Break Care Plan.
  • The fostering service takes action to chase up outstanding reviews or visits from the responsible authority, contributes to those reviews and assists the child to contribute to their reviews.


The fostering service supports foster carers to play an active role in agreeing the contents of each child’s placement plan, in conjunction with the responsible authority.


The foster carer is given a copy of the child’s placement plan as soon as this is provided to them by the responsible authority. If provision of the care plan by the responsible authority is delayed, the fostering service follows this up with the responsible authority.


The foster carer is supported to contribute effectively to the review of their care plan, which includes the placement plan.


The foster carer is supported to assist the child to put forward their views, wishes and feelings as part of each review process, and the fostering service helps to ensure that these are fully taken into account by the child’s responsible authority.


Foster carers are supported to explain the child’s care plan, and any changes to those plans, to the child.


The fostering service contacts the responsible authority to request statutory reviews or visits if these are overdue for any child, or if a review has not already been arranged by the responsible authority and a change in the care plan is needed, there has been a significant change in arrangements for the child’s care or a major action (e.g. a change of placement) which is not in the care plan appears likely.


The fostering service and foster carer contribute effectively to each child’s Placement Plan review and statutory review of the child’s care plan.


Children are assisted to secure an independent advocate to support them in providing their views, wishes and feelings to statutory reviews.