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STANDARD 16 - Statement of purpose and children’s guide


  • Children, their parents, foster carers, staff and the responsible authority/ placing authority are clear about the aims and objectives of the fostering service and what services and facilities it provides.
  • The fostering service's operation meets the aims and objectives in the Statement of Purpose.


The fostering service has a clear statement of purpose which is available to, and understood by, foster carers, staff and children and is reflected in any policies, procedures and guidance. It is available to the responsible authority and any parent or person with parental responsibility.


The aims and objectives of the Statement of Purpose are child focused and show how the service will meet outcomes for children.


Subject to the child’s age and understanding, the fostering service ensures the child receives the Children’s Guide at the point of placement and that the foster carer explains the contents of the Children’s Guide in a way that is accessible.


The Children’s Guide includes a summary of what the fostering service sets out to do for children, how they can find out their rights, how a child can contact their Independent Reviewing Officer, the The Children’s Commissioner for England, Ofsted if they wish to raise a concern with inspectors, and how to secure access to an independent advocate.


Where a child requires it, the guide is available, where appropriate, through suitable alternative methods of communication, e.g. Makaton, pictures, tape recording, translation into another language.