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STANDARD 17 - Fitness to provide or manage the administration of a fostering service


  • The fostering service is provided and managed by those who are suitable to work with children and have the appropriate skills, experience and qualifications to deliver an efficient and effective service.


People involved in carrying on and managing the fostering service:

  1. have good knowledge and experience of law and practice relating to looked after children;
  2. have business and management skills to manage the work efficiently and effectively; and
  3. have financial expertise to ensure that the fostering service is run on a sound financial basis and in a professional manner.


The registered manager (or registered person, where the registered person is an individual and there is no registered manager) has:

  1. a recognised social work qualification or a professional qualification relevant to working with children at least at level 4;
  2. a qualification in management at least at level 4*;
  3. at least two years experience relevant to fostering within the last five years; and
  4. at least one years experience supervising and managing professional staff.

*With respect to standard 17.2 (a) and (b), for persons undertaking a qualification after January 2011, the relevant qualification will be the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services. Managers who already hold a Level 4 Leadership and Management for Care Services and Health and Social Care will not need to undertake this qualification at level 5


Appointees to the role of registered manager who do not have the management qualification (above) must enrol on a management training course within six months, and obtain a relevant management qualification within three years, of their appointment.


The responsibilities and duties of the manager, and to whom they are accountable, are clear and understood by them. The manager is notified in writing of any change in the person to whom they are accountable.


The manager exercises effective leadership of the staff and operation, such that the fostering service is organised, managed and staffed in a manner that delivers the best possible child care that meets the individual needs of each fostered child and of foster carers.