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STANDARD 1 - The child’s wishes and feelings

(Adoption Agencies, Adoption Support Agencies)


  • Children know that their views, wishes and feelings are taken into account in all aspects of their care; are helped to understand why it may not be possible to act upon their wishes in all cases; and know how to obtain support and make a complaint.


Children’s views, wishes and feelings are acted upon, unless this is contrary to their interests.


Children understand how their views have been taken into account and where significant wishes or concerns are not acted upon, they are helped to understand why.


No child is assumed unable to communicate their views and each child’s preferred method of communication is known.


Children have access to independent advice and support from adults who they can contact directly and in private about problems or concerns, which is appropriate to their age and understanding. Children know their rights to advocacy and how to access an advocate, and how to contact the Children’s Rights Director.


Children can take up issues in the most appropriate way with support, without fear that this will result in any adverse consequences. Children receive prompt feedback on any concerns or complaints raised and are kept informed of progress (or lack of progress) throughout the adoption process, in a manner which is suitable to their age and understanding.


The wishes, feelings and views of children are taken into account by the adoption agency and adoption support agency in monitoring and developing its service.