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STANDARD 14 - Intercountry - matching prospective adopters to child’s assessed needs

(Adoption Agencies)

Underpinning Legislation

Adoptions with a Foreign Elements Regulations 2005:


  • Children feel loved, safe and secure with their adoptive parents or prospective adoptive parents.


The agency has met with the prospective adopters and has discussed with them the proposed placement and the implications for them and their family; ascertained the views of the prospective adopters and, as far as possible, provided them with a counselling service and access to specialist medical/educational advice.


The prospective adopters are helped to fully understand the child’s background, health, emotional and developmental needs and the practical implications for parenting that child before they accept the match.


The prospective adopters are helped to understand the importance of keeping safe any information provided by the birth family, adoption agency or body in the child’s State of origin and gives this information to their adopted child on request, or when they feel the time is right.


The prospective adopters are helped to understand the importance for the birth family to be told if their child dies during childhood or soon afterwards and agrees to notify the adoption agency. The prospective adopters’ decision and any subsequent action are recorded on their case record.


The prospective adopters understand the importance of commissioning post placement/post adoption reports consistent with any undertakings prospective adopters have given to the State of origin.