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STANDARD 5 - Promoting good health and wellbeing

(Adoption Agencies)


  • Children live in a healthy environment where their physical, emotional and psychological health is promoted and where they are able to access the services they need to meet their health needs.


Children’s physical and emotional and social development needs are promoted.


Children understand their health needs; how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to make informed decisions about their own health.


Children are encouraged to participate in a range of positive activities that contribute to their physical and emotional health.


Children have prompt access to doctors and other health professionals, including specialist services (in conjunction with the responsible authority), when they need these services.


Children’s health is promoted in accordance with the child’s permanence report, and prospective adopters are clear about what responsibilities and decisions are delegated to them and where consent for medical treatment needs to be obtained.


Children’s wishes and feelings are sought and taken into account in their health care, according to their understanding, and prospective adopters advocate on behalf of children.