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STANDARD 8 - Contact

(Adoption Agencies, Adoption Support Agencies)


  • Contact with birth parents, siblings, other members of the birth family and significant others is arranged and maintained when it is beneficial to the child.


Initial contact arrangements are focused on the child’s needs with the views of the prospective adopters and birth family members taken into account. The arrangements are reviewed in accordance with the adoption support plan.


Where siblings cannot be placed together with the same prospective adopters or adopters, contact arrangements with other siblings are made when it is in the best interests of each of the children.


Prospective adopters are helped through training and support to understand the importance for the child of contact with birth parents, siblings, members of the birth family and significant others.


The adoption agency helps individuals comply with the agreed contact arrangements through practical support, and helps manage any difficult emotional or other issues they may have because of contact. In so doing, the agency takes full account of the child’s age and level of understanding, and the individual capacities of all other parties.


Children, prospective adopters, adopters, birth parents and members of the birth family are helped to understand the harm unauthorised or unmediated contact, including through online social networks, can have and are supported if unauthorised contact is made. Prospective adopters are prepared in case this happens and are support if it does happen.